how to distinguish between true oil filter and false oil filter

Inferior oil filter hazard

how to distinguish between true oil filter and false oil filter

The oil filter is our most commonly used car wearer, and it will be replaced with the oil for thousands of kilometers. Don’t look at the price of this small part is not expensive, but it plays a decisive role in the normal operation of the engine. If it goes wrong, it will increase the fuel consumption and the engine will wear out; the engine will be scrapped and the loss will be heavy.

The factory font of the real oil filter is clearly printed, and the printing paint has a good texture and is pure white. A bypass valve is provided inside to ensure a sufficient supply of oil in any state. The complex anti-flow design ensures that the machine oil has the necessary oil for the next start, reducing the wear during cold start. The protective bag is installed at the factory, the grease is sealed at the interface, the sealing material of the gasket is good, and the rubber parts are rule. The filter paper material is specially developed according to the oil used, and the density is moderate to ensure the filterability of the oil. The font surface of the fake oil filter is blurred or not clear enough, and the surface of the printed ink is inferior and thin. Without a bypass valve, the engine will not be able to get enough oil lubrication once the filter is clogged. The sealing material of the gasket is poor. Under high temperature and high pressure, the oil may leak and even cause fire. The filter papers are of different materials and it is difficult to achieve a predetermined filtering effect.

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