How often is the air filter changed?

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How often is the air filter changed?

At present, many households have installed an air purifier. After a certain period of use, the filter of the air purifier is covered with a thick layer of black material. In fact, there is a similar phenomenon in the car. When the northern region enters the winter, continuous heating and frequent smog weather make the air more and more worrying. How long does it take to replace the air conditioning filter? What is the effect of air-conditioning filter on air purification in the car?
How long does it take for the air filter to change?

During the operation of the engine, impurities such as dust and metal chips are continuously mixed into the cylinder. In the smoggy weather, there are more water and pollution particles in the air. It is easy to accumulate and solidify after inhalation, which will cause poor air exchange in the engine. When the time is long, the fuel consumption will increase. And the smog enters the air conditioning system, and there will be moisture and dust on the filter element, which is easy to breed bacteria. After starting the air conditioner, not only the air intake is affected, but also the fan and the pipeline are polluted, causing a series of problems.

The air-conditioning filter is actually equivalent to the “mask” of the car. Its function is to filter out the debris and impurities in the air to ensure the normal operation of the engine. At the same time, it prevents the bacteria in the air intake, causing the smell inside the car and even affecting the health of the occupants in the car.

How long it takes to change once, in fact, the time to replace the air filter is mainly to look at the external environment. In Germany, an Audi A8 can be used for 150,000 kilometers. In the general situation in the country, the maintenance cycle of the air filter of the vehicle is 10,000 kilometers or about half a year, and in the case of severe smog, it is best to replace it once every three months.

Many people can’t help but ask, can the air conditioner filter be used to effectively clean the air inside the car? To this end, we did an experiment: we first tested the PM2.5 data outside the vehicle to 11.25. In the case that the air conditioning filter was not replaced and the external circulation was turned on, our test result was 14.63, and the value was even higher than the outside. It may be The filter element or inlet is dirty and the dust particles are sucked directly into the car. Then we opened the inner loop and PM2.5 improved significantly, only 5.07. After replacing the air conditioning filter element, the amazing result appeared. The value of PM2.5 was 0 regardless of the outer circulation or the inner circulation.

It can be seen that the air-conditioning filter seems to be inconspicuous, but it still plays an important role in the air purification of the car in daily driving. Here, remind the owners that the seasons and smog are serious, don’t forget the air conditioner. Filter replacement!

Car tips:

In the smog, in the process of closing the doors and windows, it is a common method to strengthen the internal circulation mode of the car. When encountering smog weather, the owner should switch the air conditioner to the internal circulation mode in time, and the airflow in the compartment becomes a closed loop, which can reduce the entry of external pollutants to a certain extent, and at the same time, the filtering effect of the air conditioner itself can be utilized when using the inner circulation. Further reduce the concentration of suspended particulates in the car.

While ensuring the air inside the car, these practices have increased the work of the car air conditioner. If the air conditioner filter element is replaced at the previous frequency, the quality of the air purification is reduced during the cycle of reciprocating, and the smog is high, the owner can be like Check the air conditioning filter regularly with the air purifier in the inspection room, and clean or replace the air conditioning filter in time.

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