CN11-9601-AD Air filter

BS3-1109011 Air Filter
E9P29601AA air filter

CN11-9601-AD Air filter

CN11-9601-AD Air filter

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PU & filter paper

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  1. JosephHix says:

    I have a Ford Fiesta 2012 se sedan and I replaced the paper filter  in my Fiesta and I put the K&N drop in filter in. And man I can tell you the difference.  My acceleration is a lot better than it used to be.  My car used to jerk back from the paper filter.  once I put the K&N in  I didn’t feel any jerking when I pressed the gas.  I recommmend anyone to use a K&N filter to save money in the long run if u plan to keep your car ot truck for 5 to 20 years! Also I have noticed I have gotten a increase in my MPG (depends on your driving habits). I’ve gotten a 1.5 to possable 2 mpg more in the city highway. I don’t know yet but will keep a eye on it and see if there’s a increase in highway millage. but anyways people I recommend getting a K&N filter! They’re really good for your cars and trucks! They save you money!!

    Ollie, Norfolk, United Kingdom
    Brilliant. Totally changed the performance. Less turbo lag and so much more responsive. Would recommend these to any one as a first choice.

    David L, Cardiff, United Kingdom
    The first filter delivered had the correct part number on the box but a different filter inside.
    I phoned K&N the correct one was delivered the next day as promised.
    Very pleased with filter, I have been using them for over 30 years.

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