Car Cabin Air Filter 87139-06060

Cabin Air Filter OEM 7803A004
cabin air filter 95860-63J10-000

Car Cabin Air Filter 87139-06060

87139-06060 Car Cabin Air Filter

OEM NO. 87139-06060

Material:activated carbon or filter paper.
Size of Car Cabin Air Filter 87139-06060:
Length: 213 mm
Width: 192 mm
Thickness: 30 mm

Features of Car Cabin Air Filter
1.It can filter 100% pollen, dust, other allergens and pollution odor in the air.
2.The effect of including activated carbon combination filters are like a sponge can absorb harmful gases (the air hole of activated carbon is thinner than a human hair 10000 times).
3.Effective filter is as small as 3um (0.003) particles, reduces the health hazard of ting dust particles inside the automobile.
4.The service cycle filtering performance is consistent.

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