Air filter maintenance and replacement

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Air filter maintenance and replacement

Car engine is a very precise mechanical parts, the smallest impurities will damage the engine. Therefore, the air must pass through the fine filter of the air filter before it enters the cylinder. Air filter is the patron saint of the engine, the state of the air filter is related to the life of the engine.

If you do not clean, replace the dirty air filter, the car driving process will lead to insufficient intake of the engine, the fuel combustion is not complete, leading to unstable engine work, power decline, fuel consumption increased phenomenon. Therefore, the car must keep the air cleaner clean.

In normal road conditions, the car traveling 8000-10000KM must be replaced on the air filter. The replacement interval in the area with larger dust should be shortened correspondingly.

The new cars are widely used dry air filter, dry air filter is made of resin-treated microporous filter paper, with a good filtration effect, easy maintenance and so on. Due to different models, the structure and shape of the difference, but its maintenance methods are basically the same. In the maintenance of its, should be in accordance with the provisions of the car manufacturer mileage.


Clean the filter yourself

Open the car front cover, there will be a black square or rectangular box, and then there is a large snorkel connected to the throttle is the air filter installation position. Some are above the screw, and some pressure buckle, it is easy to open and remove. Generally clean, it is to blow off the dust on it. If too dirty or over time it is recommended to change. During installation, it is also necessary to clean the inside with air before installing the air cleaner.

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